• Maths Practice Website

    PHP, MySql, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0
    iconquermath.com offers maths practice service for grade 1 to 6 students, so that they take the test according to their skill level and also get the instant results on how well they did. The website provides topics/materials for members to read and collects the feedback from the members. Members can also print out the selected ... Client Testimonial
  • Fitness website

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0
    Kukuwa is an Internationally acclaimed African Dance performer and a fitness instructor who has put togethre the idea of kukuwafitness.com as a unique platform for combining a truly cultural experience with a dance workout that she refers to as KUKUWA EXPERIENCE.This site offers habit forming exercises coupled with high energy music, leading ... Client Testimonial
  • Flash/Joomla fix for my existing site

    PHP, MySql
    The project is mainly related with fixing the bugs in the client's existing website. The bugs are form and some design issues which were fixed and thoroughly ... Client Testimonial
  • CoolRes Project

    PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, JQuery, HTML
    CoolRes is an online job board where "monster.com meets facebook" The potenial employees interact with employers over this portal. The highly progressive 3DWall displays the search results for employees searches in a unique flip way with complete epmloyee data in an interactive ... Client Testimonial
  • Multimedia customization

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, Word Press
    from a tourist's perspective, if you are planning to visit Japan, or need to know the japanese culture,don't forget to first visit www.eyeonjapan.com. This single website has in it all that you need to know about Japan, and broadcasts video of the week, photo albums, ads, hot spots for hanging out,weather,posts, all that are related to ... Client Testimonial
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