• Prayer Project

    PHP, MySql, WEB 2.0, HTML
    5xaday.com is a smart web application for easy to access Prayer Times, intended primarily to be used in Mosques in North America & Europe, for any mosque with a website. We have also created an easy to embed prayer times' Widget in the website, so that the need to manually update these timings on the websites is no more ... Client Testimonial
  • Home A Rrific

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, HTML
    Homearrific provides a unique and free opportunity to get listed with this site as a service provider and place bids and submit proposals against the service-related tasks posted on the site, like those related to plumbing, painting, flooring, demolition etc, by the "Jobposters" (buyers). It comes with full functionality to reverse auction ... Client Testimonial
  • AP Electronics - PC Software

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
    The website PC software is providing price comparison information for different products listed on the website; the website has its own admin panel from the products are being selected and displayed. The website shows a complete about the product that is price and more detail include the version and other statistics, product category are ... Client Testimonial
  • Napster - Site Build

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, SEO, WEB 2.0, HTML
    The Napster website is completely CMS � content management system based website, the website is providing a search and comparison of products on the website, the website design in Web 2.0 design that is div based table less design. The main product on the website is songs list that has been categorized in the drop down menu based on songs ... Client Testimonial
  • Video Inventory Agency - Site Build

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, JQuery, HTML
    This website is about Video-Inventory Agency (VIA). VIA is simply the best way for landlords, lettings agents and a whole host of other professionals and individuals to record an agreement. The team at the VIA uses accredited inventory agents to produce quality video evidence alongside detailed written documents. VIA could save you a fortune ... Client Testimonial
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