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      This was our first contract awarded to an overseas provider. We appreciate working relationships in which the traditional handshaking, eye contact, and passionate exchange of emotion toward a project are all present. We were unsure, nonetheless, we at Stellar Creative are progressive and open-minded by trade. The knowledgeability, patience, and professionalism of Evsoft has restored our confidence tremendously      
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      EV Soft has done a fantastic job! I am extremely picky and detailed and not every business would be able to put up with my requests. These guys were on the ball. They never said no and always give my requests a try even if they were challenging. If they did something and I didn't prefer it and asked them to do it a different way they always complied and never made a fuss. I was impressed with their initiative in terms of the design. They were easy to work with and read my thoughts well. I will definitely be working with them again. They take professionalism to a whole other level. This is the type of business that you will have no problem investing your money with because they can deliver      
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      I will like to give my whole-hearted recommendation for edgeviewsoft. This is a group of talented guys who say they will deliver and do in fact deliver. They far exceeded my expectations. They are DEDICATED to exceeding your expectations. If you want quality, use edgeviewsoft.      
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      This was my first experience on Getafreelancer.com and I am very pleased with my selection of evsoft. The team at Evsoft delivered exactly as per specification and ahead of schedule. Response times were almost immediate and they quickly made some minor cosmetic changes that I requested, which were not in the original spec. I am very pleased with the site and love the way they made it easy for me to understand. I will definately be returning to them for any future projects. Very Highly Recommended and full marks for a doing a great job.      
Design of a dual language English/Arabic site
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      This was my first time using elance and I am so happy with the results. EVsoft did absolutely outstanding work. I will be using Elance again and I will be using EVsoft again. In the two things that mattered they did superbly: 1. The work/outcome They managed to transform my idea of a site into reality. The final site is excellent and they made it so I can manage & update it easily myself. They did everything on time (in fact I delayed them as they were working so quickly that I had to keep up with their progress!). 2. Communication/professionalism Very professional and good division of labour. Immediately upon accepting the offer I was told who was overall managing and who was supervising the team working on the site. They were friendly and understood my instructions perfectly. They interpreted my ideas and needed little supervision. I read in other reviews for other providers that lack of communication lead to problems, thankfully EVsoft were in regular contact.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
      The guys at evsoft understood my project better than everyone else from day one. They delivered quality work and completed it on time and on budget.      
Vacation Rental Booking Calendar
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
      Evsoft did an excellent job on my project and the program is almost exactly how I envisioned it. They were quick and they were easy to work with, even though we are half the world apart in location! Everyone I communicated with at Evsoft was knowledgeable and polite and I would definitely use them again. I would recommend Evsoft for your projects as well.      
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      Always on time & under budget - very skilled designers on Azhar's team!      
Dragon Dollars
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      Perfect as usual.      
Desgin Banners for surveymastermind.com
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      Excellent as always!      
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