• lochkovlofts Phase 2

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, JQuery
    This is the second phase in which sub-domain has been implemented. Another enhancements in the project includes re-order level management for image gallery. Google analytic code has been implemented and and also the price list customization in the website has been implemented. CMS automated structure has been changed and tracker code placed ... Client Testimonial
  • Muslim Women Headscarves

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, HTML
    Uniquehijab.com is the web application about the need for an easy to wear Hijabs and then a desire to share handmade Hijabs with the rest of the world. In 2005 the name Unique Hijabs was born along with an interest in creating an affordable Hijabs and accessories line catering to those looking for something out of the ordinary. Lots of love ... Client Testimonial
  • davemakescash.com copy - css based

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, SEO, WEB 2.0, Word Press
    This blog for people who actually want to make money online.
    For the company's promotion, Sarah shares her story of the legitimate, scam-free way to work from home, and is informative for the people who would want to do the same. The process is based on simple steps.
    Just signup with Google, and they will pay you a handsome ...
    Client Testimonial
  • php calendar,metatag,keyword implement,unique urls

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SMS integration, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, HTML
    In this phase, all the events have been put into the calendar by months. Another addition in this phase is the search engine friendliness, all links and all paths have been made unique. Title has been called on each member page in the header section, more meta key words have been included for ... Client Testimonial
  • Rekrytering24

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
    This web application is about the online jobs. The site gives a membership to the users. User can apply for a job through the ad posted on the site. Users can also attach their CV while applying for the job. Job seekers can search the job in a dropdown list based on type of job and area. New posted jobs are emailed to the relevant members. ... Client Testimonial
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