• Shopping Bounce Phase(II)

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SEO
    Shopping bounce is an online shopping website; this basically provides the price comparison of four web shops to its users. It contains all the information about items and their departments in each site. It allows the users to explore wide range of items and helps them to find the best one in terms of cost and quality by using effective ... Client Testimonial
  • Flash Programming

    Flash/Action Scripting, Javascript
    In this project we have integrated dynamic maps of USA and Canada developed in Flash for Isnetworld.com. Dots in two different colors are used on the maps to represent locations, red dots used are for owner clients and they represent the offices of IsnetWorld where they are located in USA and Canada, and yellow dots are for contractors and ... Client Testimonial
  • Interport Site

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO
    The website is developed for Interport, Ltd., a highly specialized tour-planning and marketing organization offering deluxe tours abroad for business, professional and special interest groups. The Interport Concept combines the strongest advantages of group travel with the finest ingredients of individual travel and performs a unique service ... Client Testimonial
  • Coding and Search

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SEO
    In this project we embedded design for already coded website http://www.tripaloo.com/. Tripaloo is a traveling website which facilitates users in their traveling plans. The users can get online reservations on flights and also reserve hotels at their destinations. The website also helps users to hire cars online and get reservation in cruise ... Client Testimonial
  • Chicago Hilal Meat

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS
    This is an online grocery store that helps people in Chicago who are actually Pakistani community to shop for halal products online. It�s a one stop shop for grocery and very user friendly for check out of grocery, made with the consideration of how problematic it could be for getting halal products while living abroad. Food purchase and ... Client Testimonial
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