• Community Site for Social Networking

    PHP, Ajax, Joomla, CMS
    This is complete Social Networking site having with a whole long list of features like contact garabing, youtube video grabing and many ... Client Testimonial
  • colsch Website development

    PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, CMS
    We are looking for a multi functional website that will contain a product e-commerce business; music downloads and music sales. A site representative of some of the more popular music download ... Client Testimonial
  • Website Optimization - COLESLEGAL

    PHP, MySql, CMS
    I have an existing website located at www.coleslegal.com which I want to have updated and revised. I need the sight to become more user friendly and easily found by potential clients. I want the ability to be able to update the site myself as deemed necessary by including additional text. The existing contact information and direction ... Client Testimonial
  • Lasorce

    PHP, MySql, CMS
    This is a new design of a basic e-commerce site for the sale of items and ... Client Testimonial
  • SOAP-XML Integration

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SOAP-XML feed
    In this project we have developed Ingram Web service
    SOAP XML-client. Ingram Web Service is a way to access Ingram Book Company's rich content without having to download large files. We developed SOAP XML-client and XML parser and integrate them with X-cart. Now whenever we post a query through SOAP to the Ingram Web Service, it ...
    Client Testimonial
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