• Google Answer clone

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO
    TheyHelpYou.com is a Questions and Answers service to help people resolve their doubts, problems and questions whenever they need such an online help. Anytime when you need the collaboration of people who know the answer, are experts in that and want to help others in earning money, the site will offer its services.
    In this way, with ...
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  • Wazza_us

    PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, Ajax, CSS, SMS integration
    Wazza is one of our successful projects and it covers the large number of features in it, the functionality of the web site and its perfection elaborates the motivation and professionalism of our whole team. The web site is providing the platform for the organizations to search for the appropriate candidates and facilitating them in getting ... Client Testimonial
  • Health Web site Phase II

    PHP, Javascript
    AccessCR is a Clinical Research and tips provider site. User can find trials and get register to take part in those trials. They access the tools to engage with clinical researchers, to help them in projects and to assess the suitability of a trial for themselves as an individual. It has articles, members' area, news & events with RSS feeds, ... Client Testimonial
  • Dug deals

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SEO
    Dug deals is a price comparison website. The extensiveness of the project can be analyzed through its functioning and the capabilities it posses. The website is using affiliate program and also entails auto product update from those programs, which is one of the salient feature of the project. The website's core product is furniture and it ... Client Testimonial
  • iWeding site

    PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS
    iWedding is a website which facilitates the users to create their own customizable websites for their weddings. It offers hosting services at different rates for different duration and after hosting the website, the users can select designs of their own choice out of many designs offered by the site. The site provides number of features to ... Client Testimonial
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