iWeding site

PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS
PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS
iWedding is a website which facilitates the users to create their own customizable websites for their weddings. It offers hosting services at different rates for different duration and after hosting the website, the users can select designs of their own choice out of many designs offered by the site. The site provides number of features to the users before and after their weddings. It helps the users to make their wedding plans and also send invitations to their friends, family members, and other guests informing them about wedding ceremony. It also let the users to manage their photo and video albums, where they can share their pictures and videos of their wedding and honeymoon, with their friends and family members.

Key Features
  • Admin Panel
    The Administrator is the owner of the site. The administrator is provided with an admin panel, through which he can perform the following functions.
    � Site Management
    � Content Management System
    � Image gallery Manager
    � Planning Tools
    � Budget Tracker
    � Todolist
    � Change Password
    � Logout
    � Site Templates
    � Top Wedding Sites
  • Types of Users
    The Application provides the facility of managing the following users:
    � Trial Users
    � Paid Users
  • Budget Tracker
    It provides the users facility to keep track of their expenses on their weddings. It includes a comprehensive budget manager which has currency conversion tool included with it and is very useful to not only keep track of the whole budget for the wedding but also helpful to generate a list of what one should spend on each time.
  • Address Book
    It helps the users to save the information of their contacts, so that it makes them hassle free next time they want to email them and can utilize the already saved information.
  • Site Management
    This website provides users the facility to host their own wedding websites and let them to choose design of their own choice from a wide range of designs available on the site.
  • Password Protection
    It provides users the security for their pages and they protect them by placing passwords on them, and on opening the page first, a question is asked, and only after providing the correct answer to that question user is allowed to proceed with the requested page.
  • Calendar
    It helps the users to manage their To-Do-List items, and also reminders and RSVP deadlines will appear on the calendar. It provides a broad view of the month�s tasks, or clicks a specific event to review the details regarding that event.
  • Email Alerts
    The users who hosted the site are provided with the facility to send the email alerts to their friends, family members and other guests about any news regarding the wedding.
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