PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, Ajax, CSS, SMS integration
PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting ...
Wazza is one of our successful projects and it covers the large number of features in it, the functionality of the web site and its perfection elaborates the motivation and professionalism of our whole team. The web site is providing the platform for the organizations to search for the appropriate candidates and facilitating them in getting them what they want without any hassle and wastage of time, not only this; the web site is also providing the SMS/CALL, internal e-mail system, management of geographical IP's, Google ads, videos and forums like word press, wikimedia and PHP live chat.

Client Comments
Wazza.com is a hi-tech project that only a perfect team like evsoft can conceive and design. We have tested them time and again on our earlier projects, but this time they opted to have this project awarded on eLance. Perhaps they want to build up their profile here. Yes, this project is another feather in their cap. We will highly recommend them to others who want to get the best return for their investments. Besides an interactive front panel that is available to the site visitors in the areas for job seekers, employers and recruiters, the company also developed a backend Admin Panel that facilitates our staff to manage the site with convenience and in time-efficient manner. The team works wholeheartedly on their projects; and we are sure to receive their best services on future enhancements of the project. We bank upon them to make wazza.com grow faster. Their efforts guarantee success in your projects. Use the team with confidence!

Key Features
  • Types of Users
    The application provides the facility of managing multiple users that are:
    1- General visitors
    2- Job seekers
    3- Employers
    4- Recruiters
  • Web to SMS
    Wazza is also facilitating the recruiters and employers to send SMS to jobseekers.
  • Geographical Management
    Wazza is intelligent and efficient in locating the user's geographical country with complete list of Job, Job Seekers and Employers from same country.
  • SEO Friendly
    Wazza is SEO friendly, the admin is given the facility to set the meta tags and keywords description for each page.
  • Advertisments Module
    In admin panel there is an option to set the advertisments on different pages as per the requirements.
  • AJAX
    Wazza is also AJAX implemented, when the user select the country, the auto suggest box will direct him/her to the city of that particular country.
    JAJAH is a VoIP (Voice Over IP) service that provides free global calling. In Wazza, JAJAH's SMS and call features are embedded.
  • E-Mail Alerts
    In Wazza admin is provided with the facility to send e-mail alerts to individual user and to mass users as well.
  • Bulk Job Seeker Uploader
    Recruiters are given the oppertunity to upload bulk job seeker via excel sheet
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