CoolRes Project

PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, JQuery, HTML
PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting ...
CoolRes is an online job board where " meets facebook" The potenial employees interact with employers over this portal. The highly progressive 3DWall displays the search results for employees searches in a unique flip way with complete epmloyee data in an interactive manner.

Key Features
  • 3D WALL
    This is an exclusive feature of this project, all made in FLEX environment and all done from scratch. It can perform following important functions.

    FOLDER CREATION SECION: This module gives an employer full flexibility to create / rename / delete folders. There is a text area right at the bottom in asking for �Add Folder�, entering any text and hitting button will add the folder in the 3D wall.At top of the folder panel there is a �Delete� button on clicking it will delete the selected folder. Any folder which already exists will not be added into system. This section is totally integrated into CoolRes system.

    DISPLAYING RECORDS: By default all the searched records are shown to the employer, fetched from database.

    FLIPPING OF IMAGE: On clicking the image, it flips and employer can view data for that particular employee.

    DRAG AND DROP USERS: Employer has been given full flexibility to drag and drop any user into any of the folder. The record is saved for that employer into the folder. so that whenever he loginsr, all added records are displayed in 3D Wall.

    Usage stats (For categories, members, new sign ups, resumes, jobs etc).
    o Recent stats for jobs posted today, yesterday and in last 7 days
    o Job categories management console (multilevel)
    o Add / edit / remove categories
    o Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
    o Create / Edit / Save as many color schemes as you like
    o Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel e.g. Images on the home page)
    o Switch ON-OFF email verification process
    o Extensive Prospective Employer management console
    o Extensive job seeker management console
    o View/Edit/Delete Members
    o Search members
    o Extensive jobs management console
    o Search/edit/delete/approve job offers
    o Visitor feedback section
    With the help of 'Join Now' button, people in search of job, the Employees can create their accounts with teh site through a username, email, security question and password. Afterwards, they fill up info for profile creation, like Education, Experience, Hobbies, Groups, Target Jobs & Companies etc. They are also assigned a Hot or Not score based on set criteria.
    For every user company, the first person who signs up that company is its Admin. He controls 'disapproved panel' that shows disapproved or new users for the company account.Admin also controls the 'approved panel' with approved users. Admin can also edit users info and delete them completely.
    Developed a module for becoming a fan of Coolres on facebook. Also developed a site for facebook which is running in facebook as an application
    Employers create their accounts through company name, ID, password and type of industry.
    Contextual help on all fields and button on front end.
    Employer is able to post their jobs onto
    To share jobs with friends via emails
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