Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
      Excellent provider. We have worked with them over many many projects. They don't stop until we are completely satisfied.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Ajax
      I can only recommend this provider. They are professional, very responsive and throughout the project they have maintained a very high level of quality. I even added a few extras to the initial design and this was implemented instantly and without any hesitation - a very recommendable provider indeed.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, C
      Perfect, Just as expected!. I like their communication skills and ability to understand whats happening in the client's mind. The response time for my project was equally great.It was sure a great partnering experience with EVS.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, JQuery
      Very Professional and responsive. Great working experience and I will be working with them in the future as well.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS
      This was the first time I have used Elance and was very concerned. I was referred by a friend and reassured me this company was on the up and up and not to worry. After reviewing several offers on a couple different post I made I narrowed it down to a couple. I then emailed back and forth until I made my decision to to use edgeviewsoft. In the beginning I was still concerned since they wanted money up front. I have never used anyone over seas before but my gut feeling was to trust them and move forward. I am so happy I did. The guys I worked with stayed in contact with me through the whole process. They are people of their word and stand behind their word. We had a time issue but I was ok with it taking longer. There were a few things not accounted for in the timeline at the beginning but they stepped up to the plate and took care of it. I have already awarded them another job.....should be complete in one week. I am giving them all my business from now on.      
Website security
Tools:  PHP, MySql
      Excellent work! I needed to make a quick addition to my website and they jumped on it right away and turned it around in 24 hours. Response time from this team is A+ !      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, WEB 2.0, Word Press
      I am giving a five star rating for the quality work provided by EVS.Google maps and blog were integrated neatly, and the cool look that i wanted from the first day has been delivered!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO
      Edgeviewsoft was outstanding! They were always online to answer questions and were able to get my project done on time. They really know what they are doing and are good at it. Thanks!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SEO, WEB 2.0, Word Press,
      The exact features i was looking for are all provided by you guys. Cheers!      
Page Creator
Tools:  PHP, Javascript
      This project was a page creater. They did an EXCELLENT job, they understood the project, and as always withe these guys they did an OUTSTANDING JOB!. They deserve 11 starts! I continue to use them, and continue to recommend them because they truly do good work!      
We engage ourselves with our clients and their business with a sense of ownership not only to their projects but also to their long-term success. We provide them COST EFFECTIVE Customized Software that is a phenomenal QUALITY services in IT.
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