Shamshara-Movie Website

Shamshara is a website for a docudrama style feature-length film, developed for its promotion prior to its release in the market to reach its niche target audience in absolute ways.
It dwells on a total of 5 fairly simple WebPages that do their best in effectively disseminating information about this documentary project, for which the site is developed in the first place.

Client Comments
I keep going back to EVS because of the great experiences, Thanks again.

Key Features
    The rest of the pages are all static, loaded with useful information regarding the Background of the movie and the thoughts behind the creation of this movie, the Biographies of the filmmakers, Shamshara Stories and lastly the Contact information.

    The website opens with Shamshara trailer, for which its Youtube code has been embedded into this site. This 2.38 minutes long trailer is the gist of this whole site...short yet comprehensive.
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