Advertising website with Referral system

PHP, MySql, Ajax, WEB 2.0, JQuery
PHP, MySql, Ajax, WEB 2.0, JQuery
The website is providing a facility for its users to buy space for the advertisements, the user will undergo through the complete process of registration and they can only be able to buy space for advertisements once they are signed in the website. Referral system is also another very important feature of this website that provides a facility to their users to get cash discount at each referral, this will work as if user A get signed in with the website and invite user B and if user B accepts that that some specific cash discount will come into the user A's account. Further features in the website includes manage categories, manage banners, Invite friends (Gmail, twitter, hotmail, facebook).

PayPal integration has been integrated on the website in order to process payments online on the website. Users will be able to draw the payment from their account whenever they would like to have it, and registered users can Add banners against different categories and different type of levels and invite friends to join this website.

Client Comments
awesome work guys. hamzee finished my project 10 days before the deadline. Good people to work with. I had this project on a very tight budget but they made it happen. Thank you guys!

Key Features
  • Admin Panel/ CMS
    Website has its own admin panel tied with CMS that helps the site administrator to manage the contents of the website without any hassle or wastage of time.
  • PayPal
    PayPal has been integrated in the website, registered users on the website can be able to transact on the website using their credit cards.
  • Referral system
    Referral system have been embedded in the website that will allow registered users to get cash discount on the website after referring any other friends.
  • User Registration
    Complete registration process is embedded in the website giving its users the ability to get signed in the website, for password recovery.
  • Ad banner management
    Ad banner is being managed under different category level , user will select the category that will suit them the best for managing ad on the website.
  • Invite a friend option
    Users can be able to send invitation to join and use the space to advertise by sending invitation email to his/ her friends.
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