Patient Scheduler

PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SMS integration, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, JQuery, HTML
PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
This software product is designed to improve the quality and management of hospital health care management of hospitals of any size and to any extent. It is proposed to be installed since it will enable the hospital management to develop consistency and standardization in processes, improve its effectiveness and quality of work This is a highly efficient Patient Scheduler, the usage starts from getting registered as one of the following.

Physician Assistant

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Key Features
  • Admin Section
    As our system have many sub domains, so we use the concept of super admin and sub admin.

    Super Admin
    Super admin have the control over all the sub domains of the system, a super admin can create new domains ,manage domains and can update the status of domain to either up or down, a content management system to manage the content. One of the most important components of the super admin is online form/template builder. in this section super admin can create and manage the template which consist of different questions which are answered before taking an appointment.

    Sub Admin
    if a user login with sub admin user name and password he have the full command over all the patients, physicians and physician assistants of that specific sub domain , he can also create new physician or patient account.

  • The Patient
    Just like physician the patient gets registered form the site, he/she gets a confirmation email to verify the email , user name and password and click on the confirmation link to activate his account
    After successful registration of a patient, a patient can do the following
    Manage his personal info
    Create and manage Heath team
    Get Appointment
    Manage Personal Health record
    Manage Mail box
  • The Physician
    After successful registration of a physician, a physician can do the following
    Patient registration
    Manage appointments Scheduler
    Assign task to the assistant
    Mange mailbox
    Manage patients� health record
    Manage consults requests of patients
    Manage Lab reports (Excelleris lab reports)
    Medical education
    MSP billing
  • The Physician Assistant
    In this role a user is helping a doctor , a physician assistant has access to all the records of the patients of a physician he assist, in this role assistant can see all the tasks assigned to him by the physician , can send email , view reports , set appointments of the patients and can create the claims for billing for a specific physician .
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