PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0
PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
iResume is the easiest way to create online resume for FREE , use it anywhere on the web via browser plug-in and get the job of your dream. Users can Email, print, download and network jobs and resumes in any format they wish. The site provides multiple layouts for resumes and the users can select any layout of their choice out of them and made their resumes in more attractive styles and they can also print their resumes. The site also helps the employers in their search for energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic and more suitable employees for their organizations. It also provides social networking functions with ability to pull in Google's Open social information.

Key Features
  • Administrator
    Facility is given to admin to manage following functions through CMS;
    Job seekers
    Manage Ads
    Background Check Form
    Background Check History
    Web Links Category
    Resume Samples
    System Email CMS
    Send Emails to Users
    Contact Permission
    General Messages
    Extension Fields
    Extension Track Event
  • AJAX
    iResume is also AJAX implemented. Resume section is Ajax based. User will find Ajax base sorting, spell check, formatting tags, expert tips.
  • Applicant Capabilities
    � User s can sign up with choice of two tiers of accounts.
    � Users can upload existing resume and have it passed and stored in HR-XML format.
    � Resume can be made from multiple layouts and have full stats (downloads/views/prints).
    � Users can hide their personal information.
    � Social networking functions with ability to pull in Google�s Open social information.
    � Full print and download functions (doc/pdf/rtf/odt/html/txt/rss).
    � Function for email signatures.
    � Background checks capability that is hidden from employer view and also allows an applicant to upload a gif or pic of their physical signature for background check vendors.
  • SEO Friendly
    iRusume is SEO friendly to improve the volume and quality of traffic to the web site from search engines via "natural" search results for targeted keywords. The facility is given to admin to set the Meta tags and key words descriptions for each page.
  • Employer Capabilities
    � An employer/recruiter can request contact information from the applicant�s website. After verifying that their email is legit, an accept/decline message is sent to the applicant. It�s completely anonymous, and information is only shared if the request is accepted.
    � Employer can search passive/active applicants by skills, title, keyword, preferences.
    � Employer can test the applicant search function, but can not see full details without paying.
    � Employers can search packages at different pricing tiers.
    � Employers can post their jobs to be highlighted for different pricing tiers and included with the feed.
  • Plug-in
    Firefox and IE toolbar add in/plug-in are built that pulls info from the users account on website and pre fills their information on any job site that they are applying to. The applicants have the capability to resubmit past applications with new information.
  • User Friendly Interface
    Easy to use interface by ensuring smooth navigation, reduction of learning curves, customizability, Instant and descriptive error messages, Field description comments and easy to follow for the user to work with.
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