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PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
The website is ultimate online resource for Cruise ships. It provides the information about the Cruise ships and also the users can get a quote for reservation on the ships. The site presents number of deals for travelling on ships and people can check the route which suit them most and reserve seats. The site contains a message board where vehement cruisers and general audience share their journeys and discuss other adventures related to cruise ship. There are also daily polls organized on the site which helps to track recent trends.

Client Comments
Excellent service

Key Features
  • Discussion Forums
    Discussion forum holds discussions and posting (user-generated content). The entire community or a specific sub-forum deals with a distinct topic. Messages within these sub-forums are displayed as threaded discussions. Participating is as easy as registering free, using the link 'Register' in the header of the page, then logging in, choosing a topic to ask a question about, hitting the 'new topic' button, and typing in your question.
  • SEO Friendly
    Website is SEO friendly. Facility is given to the admin to set the Meta tags and key words descriptions for each page.
  • CMS
    Facility is given to admin to manage following functions through CMS;
    � About us
    � Contact us
    � Manage users
    � Manage deals
    � Privacy Policy
    � Discussion Forum
  • Get a Quote for Deals
    Users can search for different deals for different cruises and can get a quote for them online which interest them most.
  • RSS Feeds
    RSS Feed is used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries in a standardized format. It makes possible for people to keep up with the web site in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs and filtered displays.
  • Type of Users
    The application provides the facility of managing multiple users that are;
    � General Visitors
    � Subscribers
    � Administrator
  • Expert�s Advice
    Users can post their questions and can get advice from expert cruisers online.
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