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PHP, MySql, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0
PHP, MySql, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WE ...
Flavazoo is a unique website Letting the members to socialize in the virtual world with more people, more efficiency. The only site that helps them keep abreast of other social network sites which they have subscribed to, like Face book, My Space, Tagged, Hi5 and Orkut. Members can even separate various facets of their socializing by having alternative nicknames/aliases and associated profile with a corresponding network of contacts.

Each User can create multiple aliases and for each alias user can manage their friends, photo, video, songs gallery independently.Alias profiles being managed independently and user can manage which user will be added in which alias. They can read nes, submit stories plus a host of other features of interaction with other members.

Key Features
  • Custom Made Forum and Blog
    Users can create, manage and browse groups, share their views in the different categories, topics and posts in the forum, and same goes for the blog present in the homepage.Each user have independent Forum to manage and independent blog. Forums and blogs are custom made according to client requirements no third party source module is being used.
  • Profile Management
    Users can view, add and edit their profile,pictures and account info along with their friends list.Members' main profile is tied to the homepage and is not public
  • Chat Rooms
    Members can enter any chat rooms and make friends.However they can choos to allow guets members to chat with them or not.
  • Style Editor
    Facility that enables members to customize their homepage
  • Mutiple Widgets
    Each user can manage multiple widgets on their home page the way, they can organize add, delete as many they want to. each user is allowed multiple View spaces and each View Spaces contains multiple widgets.User can change the overall look and feel of the site by changing the themes against each View Space.
  • Search Function
    Users can search anything from the site, from photos to comments,group members to friends etc. They can view corresponding links to search. The corresponding results are shown in the site. Advanced search is also available.
    Users can view RSS Feeds in homepage, through which they can view updated digital content such as blogs, news feeds etc.
  • Photos,Music and Videos
    Users can view, edit share photos with friends with a description and privacy setting. They can view music link,listen online music and publish it on their page.Users can view video links, watch online vidoes and publish them on their page. Also broadcast a live feed to homepage
  • Third Party Messenger
    Text Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat.Also a third party messenger interface of Meebo is present.Members can also add and import their contacts from various IMs like MSN,Yahoo, AOL and Google Talk.They have a facility to interface with other IM products.
  • Static Pages
    include features, about us, contact us, FAQs, Terms and conditions, privacy policy, advertise with us and Sitemap.
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