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Oneifbylandbuckscounty is a community access volunteer website about the buck�s county of Pennsylvania. The site addresses information about the buck�s county like Tourist�s Spots, Faith, Community Groups, Fun, Photos, Farming Wisdom, County Maps, Information Calendar and Events. Users can share their official issues, Adopt an official and rate official. The site also offers a free membership. Members can edit their profiles, change password, and can see member�s list. The site also contains a Blogger�s list. The user can see latest news and stories on the main page. The site uses RSS feed system from The site is built using PHP and MySql.

Key Features
  • Farming wisdom
    There is a growing demand in Bucks for fresh, local, organically grown produce and meat, eggs and cheeses from animals grown with room to roam, in fresh air, sunlight and green pastures. Farmers markets are expanding in Bucks County. In 2006, there were two farmer�s markets with local produce; this year there are six. You can find out about them all on the Foodshed Alliance�s website. Local farm stands are beginning to expand as well and need our support.
    Increasingly, people are aware that produce that travels 1500 miles to reach their grocery store is neither fresh nor good for the environment nor for their family�s health. They want truly fresh, pesticide and hormone-free, tasty food, which can only be found locally. We believe the time has come for us to again appreciate locally grown food and farmers, get to know our local farmers, learn where our food comes from and how it�s grown, and buy local.
  • Community Groups
    Information about community groups is also available on the site like Union of Concerned Scientists. Member can also add a new community group by providing the information like name of the community, Address of the community, description of the community. Member can post comments on the Community Groups.
  • Blogs
    The site also contains blogs. Members can post a topic on the blog. Different categories are Native Peoples, Health, Sustainability, Youth, Education, Science/Technology and Media.
  • News and Stories
    Users can get recent News updates, Sports and Stories. The site uses RSS feed system from Member can post comment about the story of the day.
  • Young Stuff
    For information on the young stuff, the site navigates to the � livingandworking/Services/ChildrenGroups.aspx�. This gives complete information about the Children and Youth Groups/Activities. Complete information about living and working in bucks, Business, Community Information, Employment, Bucks county services, General Help, School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Transportation, Bucks County Seniors and Holidays is available.
  • Fun
    Information about fun comes from the User�s can experience castles full of treasures at the Mercer and Fonthil museums. The museums offer a wide array of programs, events, exhibits and tours for audiences of all ages. You can discover your family history and more in Spruance Library. The museums and library are operated by The Bucks County Historical Society.
  • Event and Information Calendar
    There is also Event and Information Calendar on the main page. This shows the date location and description of the Event. Member can also add an Event by providing the information as Title, Time, Start Date, End Date, Sponsoring Organization, Organization Website, Event Website, Email, Contact Name/Phone, Description, Address, where and how to purchase tickets.
  • Photos
    Pictures of Bucks County are also available. The site navigates to the for the photos. Flicker is a great way to stay in touch with people and explore the world with free and fun.
  • Share Your Official Issues
    You can share what�s happening that you want your Fellow Americans to know about? Which official did you pick from the available list on the web? What can others do?
  • Membership
    The site also provides a membership with free of cost. Member can manage his profile and change password, can post comments, view members and create blog.
  • Tourist�s Spots
    Information about the Tourist�s Spots comes from the Tourist�s Spots contains information about the
    History & Culture
    Shopping & Dining
    Places to Stay
    Things to Do
    Event Planning
  • Adopt an Official
    If there is an issue in your area that you would like to see addressed, are there officials that you know about and would like to rate? You can do that here. Rate your official based upon what you know. You can also adopt an official by contacting them and telling them what you would like to see to improve your community or your life. List of officials is available.
  • Rate Official
    You can rate an official once on a single issue. You can participate in governance by sharing what you think after choosing an official, monitoring your official issue and processing your issue with the leader of your choice. Did you receive satisfaction, do you want more done? Was your official responsive? Is the task complete?
  • Faith
    There is also a faith section in the website. Information about Reverend Blake Blakesley Newton Presbyterian Church is given, how they practice Theology in a different way to think locally first and then fashion the thinking globally.
  • County Maps
    Bucks county maps are also available on the site. The Map can be accessed online. Click on the map call up details. Details about each bridge are also available.
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