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PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
TopNigerians is a recruitment site to connect employers with qualified, skilled and well-educated Nigerians. Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa and it has a huge young talent pole available and this site is to target that young and energetic resident and expatriate Nigerians. The site provides versatility, cost effectiveness and time savings in reaching a hiring decision for employers. Posting resumes on TopNigerians is completely free for Job seekers and it provides the simplest job searching solution on the market today. Why? Well, instead of advertising the job it advertise the job seeker, by advertising the job seeker, employers instead contact the job seeker and ask him/her to apply for positions. This of course then frees them to concentrate their time and efforts on attaining jobs that have a very serious chance of attaining.

Key Features
  • Administrator
    The administrator is the owner of the site. The administrator is provided with an Admin Panel, through which he can perform the following functions;
    � Site Search
    � Jobs Categories
    � Wizard Resumes
    � Upload Resumes
    � Manage Companies
    � Recruitment Forms
    � CMS
    � Payment Settings
    � Polls
    � Advertisement
    � Email Alerts
    � Articles
    � FAQ
  • No Stress Method of Recruitment
    Topnigerians .com makes it easy for employers to find high quality staff with a few clicks of the mouse. Employers simply search through database of job seekers by selecting the appropriate category, then location and lastly any pertinent keywords. The result will provide employers with a list of job seekers who meet the criteria.
  • A Better Way for Job Seekers
    A unique feature of TopNigerian is instead of focusing on advertising Jobs it focuses on the advertisement of the Job seekers and frees them to concentrate their time and efforts on attaining jobs and so they would focus more on polishing their acquired skills.
  • E-mail Alerts
    In TopNigerian admin is provided with the facility to send e-mail alerts to individual user and to mass users as well.
  • Types of Users
    The application provides the facility of managing multiple users that are:
    � General Users
    � Job Seekers
    � Employers
    � Recruiters
    � Admin
  • Polls
    The administrator can post different questions about the functioning of site and how it should look like and the results of these polls will help to make site more friendly and interactive for the users.
  • AJAX
    AJAX has been implemented in the site, and it provides interactive and quick response to queries of employers and employees.
  • Advertisements Module
    In Admin panel there is an option to set the advertisements on different pages as per the requirements.
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