Music Bilboard Website

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PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting ...
Description is a community of underground artists who want to become legends and show the world their talent. The tag line says it all, that is "bringing musicians together". It brings talent, traffic, competition and the producers to one point. The site offers interviews, cash prizes, interaction with actual recording artists, play lists for fans, interaction with producers and billboards for artist-all at one place!!!

Any user register with this site will be able to get features look and feel which is quite similar with Face book. User can share,listen, rate songs, create, manage Songs / Photos Albums and lots of more. User can view friends list, can manage personal billboards, look for competitor view their ratings, give ratings to songs etc.

Each user can manage their own personal player which is displayed on their home page, They can listen to the songs add ratings etc. User can search for friends, send friends request, send a personal message etc. Message management system is also being implemented similar to face book where user can manage their messages.

Client Comments
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Key Features
  • Manage User Profile
    User have a lot of ease in managing their profile. They can add additional profile information that helps them interact with other users and would results in mutual interests and would lead to socialized interests with friends. User can manage their Basic, Personal, Contact and Music Information which will be available for others to have a look to them.

    All new updates brought by the users into their profiles is viewable by all freinds, so that they remain updated with whats new at their end o the profile.
  • Personal Billboard and Events
    User is allowed to add songs of different users in their personal billboard to know which song is ranking higher. That would help them to keep the songs under competition. They can add / delete songs from billboard.

    User can add upcoming events on their events section so that others may know events conducted by the users on this site.
  • Songs and Photos Gallery
    User can manage their songs and photos albums. They can create Album., add photos, songs, giver certain comments on photos upload photos and songs. View and listen etc.
  • Billboard Features
    All the user can see the billboard on the site. See which songs are going ranked up and down. Listen to the songs and rate them through a Thumb Up/ Thumb Down feature showing their approval and disapproval (a facebook like feature). furthermore, they can Filter billboard songs lists by Top 100, Monthly Top 100, Weekly Top 50, Top Fan's, Top Artist's, Top Producer's.
  • Manage MP3 Player and Playlist
    Each user have their own MP3 player on their profile page which contains songs which they had added before into the play list. User can add any song into their play list and manage them accordingly.
  • Static Pages
    The site's static pages include About us, Contact us,FAQs, Advertising, Terms and Conditions and Help.
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