DealPage(similar Slickdeals, Hotukdeals,Dealsplus)

DealPage is inspired by SlickDeals website for most of its functionality, and offers best deals to the visitors from its deals catalog.They sort the products to get what they want, and make purchases right away.Design is high-tech and very professional, with great categories management and navigation menus to make browsing super-easy for anyone searching for ideal deals, with a touch of social networking through the public forum for mutual discussion.

Key Features
    In this site, deal on sale is submitted by a user, after which it gets listed on the deals page. A thread in forum against that deal at the time of its submission is also created. Users can sort deals on the basis of their titles and the most recent deals submitted in the deals categories navigation menu. These categories are admin managed. The "top deals" are the featured ones and get space on right panel, distinguished from the others.
  • vBulletin
    The site is developed in vBulletin, for that reason it is a comprehensive discussion forum which facilitates users to discuss about different topics and also enables them to compare prices of different products and get opinion about them from other users.
  • SEO
    For SEO Optimization, .htaccess has been applied
    Managing Coupon Categories and managing Coupon Stores is facilitated from admin side. Creation of the coupons categories� navigation menu for coupons pages has also been done for instant browsing.
    Comments and sharing system being managed here is all similar to Slickdeals. Users can also vote for or against each of the deals available.
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