Calendar 2007

PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0
PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
Calendar 2007 provides to its users to have a place to embed all events from different types of calendars to manage them easily. It is easy to sign up for the site and get into Calendar 2007 system to use extended and highly featuring easy to use embedded wizards to add schedules and events. It is not just at it, users will have widgets of their events to use in their own website remotely, which means they can manage their schedules and events on this website and call them in their website interactively.

Key Features
  • Event Manager
    Calendar 2007 is based on for its users to have a place to manage their global events from different calendar types;
    � Google Calendar
    � Yahoo Calendar
    � iCal Calendar
    � Facebook Calendar
    � MSN Calendar
    � AOL Calendar
    � Palm Calendar
    � Black Berry Calendar
  • Admin Panel
    The administrator is the owner of the site. The administrator is provided with an admin panel, through which he can perform the following functions;
    � Who we are?
    � Contact us
    � User management
    � Support
    � Service management
    � How it works?
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