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Javascript, ASP, CSS, SMS integrati ...
Are you looking for a new boiler, a replacement boiler, or a cheap and affordable boiler for your home? This site will help you understand boilers, as well as boiler care and maintenance. It will provide the searching person all the information one needs to select the most appropriate boiler that suits his demand and informs site visitors about their features. Thus the site offers best platform to help you search and compare all the latest and most up to date deals and news about boilers and heating by compiling for you as much helpful advice and information on boilers and heating related topics as possible.

Client Comments
Excellent work - very professional team, thank you

Key Features
    Main tabs for navigation are all automated for admin, and provides him the facilities like add, activate, deactivate tabs and keep them linkable on the front end. The admin can also set their location alone on top or both on top and bottom.
    The site offers a great place to market boilers in a great professional manner. Search functionality is also provided for further user facility. Different manufacturer details have been provided for this reason.
    Drop down menus can be created on the tabs to create sub navigation.
  • CMS
    The dynamic site is totally CMS based with an extensive work done on details that provide full admin controls for site management, making it scalable with time.
    The admin can manage the contents, as well as create pages in the databse that would appear linked
    On the front end
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