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Tools:  PHP, MySql, Ajax, Cake PHP, JQuery
      I had a very good experience working with Farooq, since day one he has completed the assigned tasks in race against his own time. I have been kept in the loop through his prompt replies of emails. To think such service would mean an exclusive charge, I am even happier by its affordability.      
      good service provider!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, Word Press, HTML
      Excellent work - very professional, always prepared to go the extra mile      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, Word P
      Excellent job as usual. Quick turnaround!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, CSS, MS SQL 2000, WEB 2.0, Word Pres
      EvSoft is excellent as usual. On time, great after project completion support & they are available.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, HTML
      Very professional company, and they are now one of our regular business partners. Besides the excellent work, they make sure that everything goes as you desire, from the start to the end. But one of the things I want to highlight about Evsoft is the communication. As many of us working international knows, knowledge and skills is not everything - if you can't communicate properly with your business partner, what seems like a simple tasks, can suddenly be a huge one - this is not the case with Evsoft! Sam, which is my contact person at Evsoft, is always ready to answer my requests and questions, and always makes sure that there is no miscommunication. When starting a project, you will always get a summary of how they see the final product, and how they are gonna go about it, which makes you feel comfortable about their abilities to do the task properly. The project managers at Evsoft is also very professional.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, WEB 2.0, HTML
      Edgeviewsoft was outstanding! They were always online to answer questions and were able to get my project done on time. They really know what they are doing and are good at it. Thanks!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, SMS integration, CMS, SEO
      Hamza & Sheraz have provided me with very good customer service. They go over and beyond the scope of work within reason. I can always count on them to be online everyday at the same time, and the answer all my chats with 1 minute or less. They are a little behind in time as far as web 2.0 scripts and styles goes, some of the things they provide are generic but they work.They seem to have a better team from my last project but I am overall satisfied with their work and customer service. And they also provide service after the work is done, so I you find a bug in the code or something they will be happy to get it fixed for you. This is my 3rd or 4th project with them and I am looking to hire them for the next 3-4 phrase of my website.      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, Flash/Action Scripting, ASP, CSS, SMS integratio
      evsoft has been my tech support team for more than two years. It is nice to see evsoft growing?.They have established themselves on other freelancing sites as well. Just contact them and ask them to share numerous projects that they have done so far. Each one is a masterpiece. I would recommend evsoft to anyone who wants ?real worth? for their ?worthy projects?. This is a great team that knows the art of performing online in the best interest of their clients worldwide. SHEER EXCELLENCE!      
Tools:  PHP, MySql, CSS, CMS, WEB 2.0, Word Press, JQuery, HTML
      Excellent as always...      
We engage ourselves with our clients and their business with a sense of ownership not only to their projects but also to their long-term success. We provide them COST EFFECTIVE Customized Software that is a phenomenal QUALITY services in IT.
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