Shopping/price comparison site

PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, CMS, SEO, SOAP-XML feed, WEB 2.0, Cake PHP
PHP, MySql, Javascript, Ajax, CSS ...
It is an API based shopping and price comparison website. It facilitates the user to create their own comparison grids where they can add up to five products and place them side by side for comparison. The users can also add their own attributes for comparison among different products. Also choice is provided to the users whether they want their comparison public or private. The result of these comparisons facilitate users in a great way to make their decisions about buying a certain product in the most suitable price range and with the features catering best to their needs.

Client Comments
I am totally satisfied with their work, they build the price comparison website totally in cakePHP environment. I would surely recommend evsoft as a quality service provider.

Key Features
  • Administrator
    The administrator is the owner of the site. The administrator is provided with an admin panel, through which he can perform the following functions;
    � User Management
    � Categories Management
    � Tags Management
    � Assign Tags
    � Comparison Management
    � Categories
    � Help Management
    � Settings
    � Email Updates
    � Change Admin Password
  • API
    The site is based on API, which fetches data from and present on the site for shopping and different types of comparisons.
  • AJAX
    In order to make the application faster, responsive and interactive AJAX is being implemented on it. It displays all the relevant information about the product and gives searching options with out any hassle of re-requesting or refreshing the pages. AJAX based easy and flexible drag and drop is provided in the site which made the comparison grid very flexible in use.
  • Comparison Grid
    Users can create their own comparison grids where they can compare up to five products and place them side by side for comparison. These grids are very flexible in nature and users can also create their own features to compare different products.
  • SEO
    Website is SEO friendly. Facility is given to the Admin to set the Meta tags and key words descriptions for each page.
  • CakePHP
    The website is fully CakePHP based, CakePHP is a framework uses MVC(Model, Views, Controller). The benefit of using MVC structures in developing websites is that repeated functions or tasks can be separated, thus allowing for quicker edits and ultimately a rapid development.
  • Types of Users
    The application provides the facility of managing multiple users;
    � General visitors
    � Registered users
    � Admin
  • User Friendly Interface
    Easy to use interface to ensure smooth navigation, reduce learning curves, easy drag and drop, customizability, instant and descriptive error messages and easy to follow as user work with the application.
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